Harp Books


Teach Yourself to play the Folk Harp

By Sylvia Woods.   This is the most popular and useful method for people who want to learn to play the harp. Lessons are progressive exercises and include many folk and classical pieces. Fingering and placing brackets included. 80 pages, spiral-bound.                     L-722251.....$15.95

Music Theory and Arranging Techniques for Folk Harps

By Sylvia Woods. This method includes 90 pieces in which students can practice newly gained skills including chords, inversions, keys, accompaniment patterns, transposing, and much more. This book is a sequel to the above "Teach Yourself" book.   112 pages spiral- bound.                                                                                                                        L-721400.....$19.95

Harp Exercises for Agility and Speed

by Deborah Friou.  Intended for use by players of all levels to develop commonly used harp patterns and to sharpen and maintain their skills.   93 pages spiral bound.  L-660102.....$19.95

40 O'Carolan Tunes for All Harps

Arranged by Sylvia Woods   Multi-level arrangements of tunes by Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738), the most famous of the Irish harpers/ composers. Pieces are perfect for weddings and many other occasions. 112 pages spiral bound.                                                L-720640.....$18.95

A Tribute to O'Carolan

Music for the Irish Harp arranged by Nancy Calthorpe  Extensive historical notes by the author.  Performance pieces include tunes such as Carolan's Concerto, Lament for Owen Roe,  Plangsty Drury, Plangsty Burke, Betty O'Brien, Brigit Cruise, etc. 20 pages. MB ISBN 7866-3405-7.....$13.95

Hymns & Wedding Music for All Harps

Arranged by Sylvia Woods Arrangements of popular hymns, church music and wedding processionals, each with beginning and advanced arrangements. 96 pages, spiral bound.                                                                                                                            L-720900.....$19.95