Ocarina History

Ocarina-like "vessel" flutes have appeared in many cultures around the world, notably in ancient China and Egypt as early as 10,000 years ago.

In Pre-Colombian South America such flutes were made in the shape of birds, animals or people. They were made of red clay or gourds in various sizes and used by the Incas not only to play music but to communicate over distances.

In the United States the instrument also became known as the "sweet potato". A plastic version was distributed to servicemen during WW2, intended to lift their morale.

A fairly recent invention by an English mathematician John Taylor is the four hole ocarina pendant which is capable of playing a fully chromatic scale of 13 notes. A stroke of genius!  See below.

Prima Gakki Concert Ocarina
Prima Gakki Concert Ocarina

Concert Ocarina Pendant


This highly refined version of the ancient whistle is capable of playing 13 notes, one full chromatic octave starting an octave above middle C. 

Made of high grade terra cotta, it is accurately tuned to A440 concert pitch and produces a sweet and clear tone.  

It is rewarding to play this ocarina with other instruments as piano, guitar, ukulele and even with your band!

We have only a few of these unique instuments left.  It's a collector's item!


Plastic Ocarina Pendant


Our 5 hole plastic ocarina pendant is a true musical instrument which makes it possible to play a fully chromatic scale of 15 notes tuned to A440 pitch so you can play with other instruments as piano, guitar, ukulele, etc. 

It is easy to learn. Children can usually learn the fingering as well as play songs in less than half an hour!  But adults can have fun with it as well! 

Fingering chart and song sheet are included.  Very affordable!


Double Ocarina


The Double Ocarina is a recent invention and is expertly hand-crafted of exotic hardwoods for excellent tone quality.

Using the ingenious four-hole fingering system, this unique instrument features two separate sound chambers capable of playing two independent and separate fully chromatic scales of one octave or 13 notes in each chamber. The two sound chambers are accurately tuned to each other one fourth apart. Scales will give the player many possibilities for creating interesting harmonies and two-part arrangements. 

When you have learned to play simple harmonies you may want to experiment with more complex arrangements including counterpoint! The double ocarina is definitely not for beginners but it is very rewarding once you have mastered its endless possibilities. 

It will be the highlight of your gig! 

An ingenuous invention!

We invite you to visit Handverks Music and ask for a demonstration.

Alto ...... $248.00

Tonor ...  $278.00